Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction and Expectations

  • 2

    Understanding the Framework

    • Prove your worth. Convert free trials and small pilots.

    • Using the GROW Framework to Convert a PIlot

    • EXAMPLE: Using GROW Technique to convert prospects

    • YOUR TURN: Create a GROW Strategy for a prospect


  • 3

    Applying the Framework to Your Process

    • Why executing G.R.O.W. is important

    • Pre-Pilot Discovery & Qualification

    • Gathering Resources: Designing a Political Map

    • EXAMPLE: Gathering Resources for a Pilot

    • YOUR TURN: Identify Resources for Your Pilot

    • Creating a Pilot Agreement

    • Identifying metrics to track

    • Identifying metrics to track

    • EXAMPLE: Rolling Out a Pilot Includes metrics to track and formal/informal pilot agreement

    • YOUR TURN: Identify Metrics to track

    • YOUR TURN: Draft your pilot agreement

    • Scheduling Communication Throughout the Pilot

    • EXAMPLE: Organizing a Communication Cadence for a Pilot

    • YOUR TURN: Draft your communication cadence

    • The Post-Pilot Debrief

    • EXAMPLE: Winning a Deal