Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What is CLU?

    • Bloom's Taxonomy and Learning Design

    • Assets: What, Why, How to Use?

    • Ignite, Frameworks/Acronyms, Application, Repetition, Reinforcement, You

    • Other Resources: Books, MasterMind Group, Office Hours

    • EXAMPLE: How to Identify Your Why

    • Your Turn: Your Why: Three Behaviors You'd Like to Influence

  • 2

    High-Level Structure

    • What's the Purpose of New Hire Onboarding?

    • Determine the topics that new hire must learn to be successful

    • EXAMPLE: Determine Topics

    • Your Turn: Determine Your Must-Learn Topics

  • 3

    Second-Level Structure

    • Within each Category, Identify the Specific Sub-categories