Find out the skills you've got and what you need to level up to success in this new economy!

You don't get to press pause and plan for your next career move because Sales Development is too fast-paced and every lead matters. So how can you prove you're ready when the time comes for take the next step? This FREE Assessment is for SDRs/BDRs who want to move into a closing role fast. Measure your skills and plot your personal path to success with every tool you need - right here in one place!

The real reason only 4 out 5 SDR/BDRs don't become successful closers

Imagine an opportunity for a closing role comes up tomorrow. More money, more responsibility, the next step on your career path. But you've spent months just doing your job. You've been busy crushing the activity at the top of the funnel. Sourcing, outreach, social, all while qualifying and putting meetings on the calendar. Everything BUT closing. So, are you ready?

What if you could prepare for your next role today - while doing your job?

Guess what? You can! And it doesn't take months of scraping the Internet for tips and tricks. You don't have to wait for group training. You can control your own destiny. See how you measure up today, and what skills you need to get. You don't have to put your goals on hold. Make the first move toward a bigger paycheck by taking the assessment today.

Your FREE assessment will deliver

What's in it for you?

  • Your current strengths that should be contributing to your success today

  • Your opportunities for sales skills to quickly make you even better

  • Your weaknesses, no sugarcoating - we're here to help

  • The threats may you face in the market based upon your goals

  • Your customized learning path to fuel your growth fast!

What does this market mean for you?

Layoffs have immediately flooded the job market with candidates. This means that you will be competing against experienced sales reps who are hungry. How do you reach your goals in an aggressive market? By being the best prepared. We know how to get you there because we've done it in the classroom and online with thousands of smart, hungry sales reps like you. Take this opportunity to learn how you stack up against the best, and put yourself on track to win!
  • Your time is valuable, make sure it pays off

    You can waste a lot of time developing skills that don't matter. What have you already learned, and where can you grow? The assessment gives you answers.

  • Define your path, then move fast toward your goals

    The assessment creates the learning path specific to your goals and current skill level. You can use it on your own or take advantage of our fast track platform.

  • Weigh in, then track your ongoing success

    Fitness plans start with a weigh-in so you can measure progress. The assessment gives you that starting point to look back on as you crush your skill and career goals.

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