ClozeLoop Consulting Engagements Begin With An Assessment

You have got to know where you are before you figure out where you can go

One size does not fit all. The Sales Effectiveness Assessment forces us to benchmark and focus on your specific company goals and opportunities. We are high-speed revenue specialists who understand how to impact the sales metrics critical for growth, scale, and sustainability. Cookie-cutter solutions are a waste of time, money, and precious team attention. So, our first step is to understand your business today and where you want to go. Then we create a rationale and collaborate on a path.


  • Sales Playbooks

  • Customer Success Playbooks

  • Sales Enablement Strategy

  • Demand Generation Strategy


  • Tech Stack Recommendations

  • CRM Audit and Process Alignment

  • Actionable Insights Mapping for Content

  • Data Intelligence & Reporting


  • Hiring Framework & Methodology

  • Resource Plan Alignment to Targets

  • Professional Development Paths by Role

  • Retention and Succession Planning


  • Comprehensive Sales Training & Certification

  • Manager Training & Certification

  • Coach Training & Certification

  • Sales Enablement Training & Certification

Consultant Led Assessment Guidance

  • 01

    About the Sales Effectiveness Assessment

    • What is the Sales Effectiveness Assessment (SEA)?

    • Who Should Take an SEA?

    • What Can I Expect in the Process?

    • What Are Typical Outcomes?

  • 02

    Project Management

    • Project Timeline

    • The Document Request

    • Getting the Team Onboard

    • Managing Interview Requests

  • 03


    • Target Market

    • Competitive Battlecard

    • Roadmap

    • Personas

    • Product Editions

    • Discount Guidelines

    • Product Pain

  • 04


    • Sales Process Overview

    • Sales Math

    • Methodology

    • CRM

    • Hand-Off

    • Coaching

    • Pipeline Reviews

    • Playbook Materials

  • 05


    • Org Chart Diagram

    • Hiring Playbook

    • Onboarding Playbook

    • Learning Management System

    • Career Path by Role

    • Turnover Data

    • Compensation

  • 06


    • Training Program

    • Certifications

    • Access to Recordings

    • Sales Skills Assessment

    • Outbound Prospecting

    • Performance

  • 07

    The Readout

    • What to Expect? FAQ

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