Don't Trust Your Gut

You are at a critical stage in your business and you cannot take a moonshot while flying blind. You've gotten this far, now it's time to get some data points to make a decision around the best sales readiness activity for your team and your company.

Assessment Outcomes

The Sales Readiness Assessment is built for founders who are trying to identify the best short-term steps to drive revenue. Outcomes create clear definition of next steps and the core competencies needed to achieve your company's goals.

  • Existing Go To Market Strategy

  • Existing Systems Utilization

  • Staff Bandwidth & Needs

  • Sales Skill Competency & Application

  • Playbook Recommendations

  • Courses & Training Recommendations

  • Sales Activity Prioritization

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No other comprehensive diagnostic has proven to evaluate your startup sales readiness vs. best practices. So, with no obligation to enroll, why wait?

Included Evaluation Concepts

  • 1

    Sales Readiness Assessment

    • What is an Unplugged Session?

    • Intro to the Sales Readiness Assessment

    • 1. Target Market

    • Your Target Market

    • 2. Personas

    • 3. Pain Finder

    • 4. Sales Process

    • 5. CRM

    • 6. Math

    • 7. Sales Math

    • 8. Outbound Prospecting

    • 9. Pipeline Review

    • 10. Sales Playbook

    • 11. Pre-Meeting Planning

    • 12. Hiring

    • 13. Sales Methodology

    • 14. Prospecting

    • 15. Competitive Messaging

    • 16. Investor Communication

    • 17. Negotiation Levers

    • 18. Content

    • 19. Resistance

    • 20. Customer Success

    • 21. Onboarding

    • 22. Four-Legged Calls

  • 2

    BONUS: Founders Sales School

    • The Assessment Process

    • Why is Digital Learning Ideal for Startup Founders?

    • Why Do Founders Scale Quickly with Sales School?

    • Why Does Classroom Sales Training Fail?

    • What to Expect (PDF to share with team)

    • Pricing & Course Descriptions


Your guide for this self-assessment

Managing Director

Cory Bray

Cory has built high-performing sales teams in industries that range from manufacturing to technology. He knows what works in practice, not just in theory. He’s a high-value advisor to multiple accelerators, bestselling author, and a dynamic keynote speaker who has spoken all over the world. He’s passionate about making sales accessible, actionable, and scalable.


  • When should I be exploring Founders Sales School?

    ClozeLoop’s online training program is designed for founders who are in the early stages of market segmentation, initial sales, and developing sales processes. These companies either have founders using fractional amounts of time on sales or may have made an initial sales hire. Primarily they are focused on meeting the objectives necessary for their next funding event.

  • Why Founders Sales School instead of a consultant or a bootcamp?

    We’ve found that there is neither time, appetite, or resources for lengthy, heavy-handed consulting engagements. And everyone knows that one-off sales boot camps have diminishing returns for those who are trying to scale a business. As a result, we created a program that is robust in content, provides no friction in immersion (can be done any time), is rigorous (provides reinforcement) and is specifically relevant to start-ups not filled with later-stage minutiae.

  • What if I really want to work with the ClozeLoop team directly?

    We’ve coupled ClozeLoop startup sales expertise with the latest best practices in adult learning from educational psychologists to create a program that has immediate impact. Startup engagements with ClozeLoop begin with online training so you can learn the fundamentals at your own pace.

  • How will I receive my results?

    The advisor for the assessment will contact you within 24 hours of completion with your specific course recommendations based upon your assessment results and goals.

  • What are the costs associated with Founders Sales School?

    Unlike consulting fees which can be $300-$1,000/hr, or boot camps which average about $2500 per day, Founders School courses start at $299/user/year. The goal is not to create a significant expense, but to get you generating revenue quickly!

  • How do I know it will work for my company?

    You don't. Just because ClozeLoop training has worked for hundreds of companies across the globe does not mean it will work for you. Founding team, execution, product market fit, pricing, and the market are all variables which we cannot control. What we can do is get you more ready than any other program and give you an unfair advantage in B2B selling.

Bonus Materials

After the Sales Readiness Assessment, when you enroll in Founders Sales School you'll receive

  • Books

    Choose any of ClozeLoop's sales books including Triangle Selling, Sales Playbooks: The Builder's Toolkit, Hiring Onboardnig & Ramping Salespeople, Sales Development, or The Sales Enablement Playbook

  • Office Hours

    Cohort office hours to further refine concepts learned in Founders Sales School as well as to share specific challenges and opportunities that arise as you grow your business using the tools provided.

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