The Complete Guide To Sales Enablement

Your margin for error just got a whole lot thinner in the market. Sales goals have shifted, headcount has changed, and every... single... conversation... matters. Now more than ever, you need tools and frameworks that have been proven successful by the best in the business. This course is for you. We wrote the top-selling book in the category used by 1,000s of sales enablement pros from Fortune 500 to startup companies. Now we bring it to life, with every framework, and every tool - the playbook you need more than ever before.

The Market Just Shifted and the Sales Enablement Struggle Is Real...

How do you define your role in your company now?

How do you get budget for initiatives? How do you best collaborate with stakeholders? How do you choose the most effective enablement activities? How do you measure your impact? How do you drive sales outcomes? The sales enablement role is part trainer, part analyst, part project manager, part coach. Doing them all effectively is a juggling act. Start getting the credit you deserve. The eye-opening plays you need are all right here.

19 Proven Sales Enablement Frameworks and Much More...

Sharpen your toolset to keep up with a new marketplace

"Must-haves" from the experts. Amazon's top-rated book in Sales Enablement springs to life. Look over our shoulder as we walk you through you can use each framework at your company. Bonus lessons answer specific questions we've received in dozens of live workshops around the world. You'll start using these tools immediately, lead the team to success.
sales enablement playbook

What People Are Saying About The Book

“I didn't expect this book to be that good. Usually, you will find one or two aha moments but never really implement anything at home. I honestly couldn't put this one down, I am reading passages again and again. Anybody who manages sales or needs to look at sales should read this. You don't have to be a sales guru to get and implement it. It's sometimes the simple things that are the hardest to get right.”

Amazon Book Review

Virdi B.

“This is one of the best Sales books I’ve read. What is great about it is the level of simplicity and how tactical it gets. Sales reps are expected to (know) almost everything in this book by themselves in most companies. This book shows how it all comes down to a specific message for a specific buyer, but a lot goes into that. I suggest that sales, sales ops, marketing, and research teams read this book together and come up with a strategy to implement. ”

Amazon Book Review


“This book is targeted at those in sales leadership, but has a ton of practical value for anybody in sales. Everyone looking to build a sales team should read it. My most important takeaway is the need for targeted messaging for every buyer persona that you sell to and their pain points. If you sell to 3 different buyer personas, they all need messaging and campaigns directly for their own needs. You can't simply spout off a bunch of features, and hope that is going to get your prospect's attention.”

Amazon Book Review

Kenneth C.

You'll learn how to:

It's our guarantee that

  • Define, measure, and evaluate your ideal sales process

  • Onboard your new hires quickly and profitably

  • Implement and evaluate the perfect sales methodology for you

  • Strengthen your Buyer Persona(s), their Pain, and how you Win

  • Guide sales product training and design compelling demo certification

  • Evaluate new tools, monitor usage and audit their impact on your metrics

  • Create, distribute, and audit content (battlecards, objections, messaging)

  • Coach and measure prospecting activity on every medium and channel

  • Partner with sales leadership in coaching and professional development

  • Use internal tribal knowledge to create formal channel partner programs


We are in the business of helping you succeed

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Instructor Bio:

Hilmon’s 20-year track record of impressive revenue growth at companies ranging from startup to Fortune 500 has made him sought after by the fastest-growing companies in the world. He is recognized as a bestselling author and award-winning trainer. He thrives on growing individuals, teams and companies using scalable frameworks.

Hilmon Sorey

Managing Director


Instructor Bio:

Cory has built high-performing sales teams in industries that range from manufacturing to technology. He knows what works in practice, not just in theory. He’s a high-value advisor to multiple accelerators, bestselling author, and a dynamic keynote speaker who has spoken all over the world. He’s passionate about making sales accessible, actionable, and scalable.

Cory Bray

Managing Director

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