We Can Guarantee That Your Virtual SKO Has A FAR BIGGER Skill Impact Than Your Last One Did In-Person

In-person is gone, at least for the time being. So are the painfully compiled slide decks by management. No more scraping the Internet for subject matter themes. You can pocket the $10k you were gonna spend on a sales guru to come "enter-train" the team for a day. And there will be no destination events to distract the team from a lack of substance. So how do you engage your team, host an event that moves your business objectives, and provide huge ROI... virtually? Well, shh... we've been doing it for savvy clients way before social-distancing became a thing.

The Easiest Way To Ruin Your SKO

Virtual SKOs require a different approach

You have a simple goal. To transfer knowledge so your salespeople can meet or exceed quota. This is your team we're talking about. So, you're not going to risk stitching together some hack from Internet posts by people who have never led one. But, 8 company speakers per day with varying degrees of presentation experience isn't going to move the needle. In fact, it can blur the message and have a negative impact.

Your Salespeople Need Critical Skills To Manage Demos With Confidence and Empathy

Selling in a crisis requires different tools

Imagine your prospect's situation. They've laid-off co-workers, are worried about the future, and are stressed by personal confinement or distancing. Less than ideal circumstances for a demo or presentation. But you got the appointment. Your salesperson has two paths. They can connect and help scratch a problem off of the prospect's list. Or they can add to the confusion and get put on the backburner with the other uncertainties. Which is your team equipped to do today?
The Five Secrets of a Sales Coach

You'll learn how to:

In this Demo Certification SKO we guarantee

  • Reduce complexity and create conversations instead of presentations - even on product demos

  • Maintain prospect focus on the problems that you can solve and why they are important to their business

  • Avoid over-presenting and diminishing value by swamping prospects with every feature and benefit

  • Leverage stories, data, and insights to create confidence in and certainty in your ability to deliver

  • Eliminate the stage where you are performing and waiting for approval and instead collaborate on a mutual resolution to your prospects problem

  • Frameworks to analyze demos for continuous improvement

  • Use and integrate a Demo certification rubric to measure ongoing success

  • Use and integrate a Product/Service certification rubric to measure ongoing success

  • BONUS: Create powerful velocity from demo to close in this selling climate


Instructor Bio:

Hilmon’s 20-year track record of impressive revenue growth at companies ranging from startup to Fortune 500 has made him sought after by the fastest-growing companies in the world. He is recognized as a bestselling author and award-winning trainer. He thrives on growing individuals, teams and companies using scalable frameworks.

Hilmon Sorey

Managing Director


Instructor Bio:

Cory has built high-performing sales teams in industries that range from manufacturing to technology. He knows what works in practice, not just in theory. He’s a high-value advisor to multiple accelerators, bestselling author, and a dynamic keynote speaker who has spoken all over the world. He’s passionate about making sales accessible, actionable, and scalable.

Cory Bray

Managing Director

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